SABA Memberships

The South Algonquin Business Association (SABA) is an unregistered non-profit. Our mandate is to:

  • Promote the Township of South Algonquin and local businesses, within the township and to visitors to the township.
  • Advocate on behalf of local businesses to policy makers, including local council, for the benefit of local economic development.
  • Strengthen relationships among local businesses, and between local businesses and policy makers inside and outside of the township.
  • Create a two-way information channel to encourage sharing of information about new opportunities with local businesses, and hearing about the concerns and challenges local businesses face

Why Join?

All of our activities are designed to contribute to economic development in South Algonquin. For 2019/2020, our efforts are focused mostly on tourism, but we recognize there are all kinds of non-tourism related businesses that need support as well and we aim to include all business types in our work. The modest amount of money we collect covers the costs of advertising our website in the Friends of Algonquin print publication and miscellaneous expenses like banking fees, maps and so on. By choosing to become a member, you are indicating that you:

  • support or are curious about economic development activities in the township,
  • want to be connected to the South Algonquin business community and the information resources we share
  • hope to prosper here, and
  • are willing to help your neighbours prosper also

Membership Levels

SABA has two levels of membership:
ACTIVE members live in or operate a business within the Township and are able to maximize participation in the association. You can vote in our elections and attend any of our meetings. Your membership includes some advertising. You can participate in any of our extended advertising or attend any workshops at the lowest possible rate. You will receive updates on our activities by email, and you have access to our website, including any content that’s for members only. We may call on you to share any special talents or skills you have with us on a volunteer basis, and you’re welcome to volunteer at any time. Active members can be on our board. (cost: $50/year).
SUPPORTIVE members have an interest in economic development in the Township. You may or may not operate a business, and you may or may not live here. You can attend any of our meetings and participate in any of our advertising or workshops, usually for a fee. You will receive updates on our activities by email, and you have access to our website, including any content that’s for members only. You’re welcome to volunteer with us, but we recognize that may not be your wish (cost: $25/year).
If you would like to be a member at either of these levels but the cost is too high, or you want to try a year out first to see if it works for you, the board has the discretion to waive fees. Come talk to us.

SABA Board Members 2019

Chair: Angela Pollak (workingmom at rogers dot com)
Treasurer: Gabriela Hairabedian
Board members (up to 5): Steve Dunsford, Joan Kuiack, Evelyne Lesage
We have vacancies! If you have time and talent to share, contact someone on the list above or come out to one of our meetings and introduce yourself. Business meetings happen once per month from October-May (see our calendar). Additional meetings of a more general interest happen throughout the year, and may include workshops, guest speakers, or networking events as the opportunities arise.