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South Algonquin Business Association Bulletin - April 3, 2020
Table of Contents:
1. RTO12 Webinar in partnership with CFIB - Monday April 6, 2020 (1:00pm)
2. SABA Launches "The Lemonade Project"
3. SABA launches the "Everyone Brings Joy" competition
1. RTO12 Webinar in partnership with CFIB - Monday April 6, 2020 (1:00pm)
RTO12 will be holding a webinar in partnership with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business on Monday Apr 6, 2020 at (1:00pm)
"This webinar will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that have been fielded by the business counsellors at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and provide you with important tips on how to manage your business through this crisis."
For more information and to register, please visit
2. SABA Launches "The Lemonade Project"
As a morale booster during this difficult time, SABA is launching "The Lemonade Project". We're going to sponsor a variety of community activities and discussions around the themes of Helping Ourselves, Helping our Communities, and Helping our Helpers to turn this 'sour' situation into something 'sweet'. These activities and discussions are open to the entire community! Please watch for our lemon posters. Share them widely, participate, and encourage others to participate also.

3. SABA launches the "Everyone Brings Joy" competition
SABA is pleased to announce the first Lemonade Project activity: The Everyone Brings Joy competition.
Create a poster explaining your idea for how to bring a little bit of joy to South Algonquin this summer. SABA will collect donations & award a cash prize of up to $1000 to the winner to carry out their idea based on a week-long community-wide online vote. Individuals & groups are welcome to enter & you can enter more than once. OUR CURRENT PRIZE POT SITS AT $500. Keep your eye on the South Algonquin Politics Facebook Page for entries and discussion.
We are asking for donations from businesses and individuals to support this community initiative. Please give generously and share the posters widely! If we raise more than $1000, we will give out multiple prizes!



South Algonquin Business Association Bulletin - March 6, 2020
Table of Contents
1. Intro to Social Media with Kate Monk from RTO12/Explorer's Edge
2. SABA Spring Breakfast Social, April 15, 2020 (9:00-11:00am), The Madmusher
3. South Algonquin in Pictures - Get yours done now!
4. Community Photoshoot at the Fishing Derby: Saturday March 7, 2020 (10:00am)
5. Bancroft Area Stewardship Council - Event
6. South Algonquin Public Library Business Services
7. Results of Enabling Accessibility Fund - $27,000k in new funding for this community!
8. Council Economic Development Committee Meeting
9. Fleming College Job Fair Results
10. Next SABA meeting


1. Join Kate Monk of RTO12 Explorer's Edge for an introduction to Social Media (March 23, 2020, Council Chambers)
10:45am - Presentation by Kirk McEathron (SA ski association)
11:00am to 12:00pm - Presentation by Kate Monk (social media)

SABA invites you to attend an introductory presentation by Kate Monk on the topic of social media. Kirk McEathron will also be joining us ahead of Kate to talk quickly about the South Algonquin Ski Association and opportunities to maintain the local ski trails.
2. SABA Spring Breakfast Social, April 15, 2020 (9:00-11:00am), The Madmusher
The South Algonquin Business Association (SABA) Invites You to Our Spring Breakfast Social. This is a??FREE COMMUNITY BUILDING EVENT. Everyone is welcome! Come out to say hi to your neighbours and friends, have a bite to eat on us & welcome in spring. SABA board and members will be available to chat about upcoming community projects,??fishing season, the weather or whatever topics you fancy.??We're looking forward to learning more about the people in our neighbourhoods! Please share this invitation link widely and??RSVP by April 8, 2020 if you can (just so we know how much food to prepare)
3. South Algonquin in Pictures - Get yours done now!
Development of a photo album is under way that highlight the many variety of business locations, activities and experiences that happen in the township across all four seasons, day and night. We're hoping these photos can be used to help individuals and SABA more effectively market the community in the future to tourists, new residents, and investors, including specifically the film industry. To support this effort, we are encouraging local businesses to connect with photographers who will professionally photograph your property. Check out the SABA website (and check back often) for a list of participating photographers. Be sure to tell them you want to share your photos (some or all!) with the wider community through this initiative. For more information, see in the coming days. (Or you can go directly to Bongo's website right now at We hope to add more photographers to this list, so let us know if you know photographers who want to participate.
4. Community Photoshoot at the Fishing Derby: Saturday March 7, 2020 (Poverty Lake, 10:00am)
This is your chance to contribute to (and benefit from) our South Algonquin repository of copyright-free photos you can use in your advertising. This event is being facilitated at no charge by Bongo of Camp Bongopix.
If there are SABA members that want to donate their time and energy to be models for a winter photoshoot, please meet Bongo at the main "hub" at Poverty Lake this Saturday, March 7, at 10am. The main hub is where the organizers have their tent, and there's normally a BBQ nearby, campfire, you can't miss it. I will have ski and snowshoe gear with me. It will not be a strenuous or physically demanding experience. I simply need photos of people trying on the gear, and perhaps maybe posing with it on. If any members want to snowshoe or ski a few metres that would be good, although it is not necessary if someone isn't comfortable. The idea is to collectively create winter outdoor activity photographs that every business can freely use in online marketing. Anyone participating in the photoshoot agrees to allow their image to be available for any SABA member to use in online marketing. Due to privacy issues, only photos of SABA members will be shared among the group (IE: I won't be sharing photos of children or non-consenting adults who are not part of SABA).??You do NOT need to be a model to make this photoshoot successful, I literally just need the faces of enthusiastic people! If you can't find me on Saturday morning call or text me at: 613-553-1500.

5.?? Bancroft Area Stewardship Council - Presentation by Linda Leckie
The inaugural Bancroft Area Stewardship Council (BASC) Environmental Summit is an educational opportunity that will encourage participants ??? particularly youth ??? to cultivate and foster their relationship with the natural world.
The 2020 BASC Environmental Summit will be held on April 4, 2020 at the Algonquin Visitor Centre in Algonquin Provincial Park, consisting of 12 guest speakers providing TED Talk-style presentations and hands on training to encourage knowledge of biodiversity, invasive species management, forestry and silviculture practice and methods of climate change mitigation.
Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation from the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council.??

Click here for more information.
Click here for tickets??
6. South Algonquin Public Library - Business Services
South Algonquin Public Libraries in Madawaska and Whitney provide a host of business services to local entrepreneurs. All public computers have Microsoft Suite installed: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. The librarian can also assist with opening/creating PDF and other more unusual file formats. Staff are anticipating that software and computers will receive an upgrade with the passing of this year's budget.

Free to use:
Charging ports for devices
Scanning to computer, fax, usb stick etc. 
Computers & Wi-Fi
Photo/negative/slide to digital convertor
LED Projector (may be borrowed by request)
Large screen television with DVD/VCR player and Nintendo WII with variety of games
Printing & Photocopying  .25 per page
Laminating Pages 1.00 per page
Faxing: local or toll free no charge, other 1.00 per page

I would like to remind you that these services are funded on a shoestring budget through a small provincial grant and the remainder from local municipal funding. If your library is important to you, and if you wish that more services, software and hardware are available through the library, please let your local library board AND councilor know that this is important to you so the people who decide on funding are aware of the community need.
7. Three local proposals receive funding under the Enabling Accessibility Fund!!
Three out of four grant applications submitted last year under the Enabling Accessibility Fund were awarded. That's an additional $27,000 in infrastructure upgrades that will be present in this community by the end of 2020 that wouldn't otherwise have been possible, bringing our two-year total to $117,000.
Projects funded so far including paving, automatic door openers, accessible bathrooms, trail and beach wheelchairs and adaptive bikes.
(The beach and trail accessible wheelchairs are available for the community to borrow at no charge through Four Corners Algonquin. Adaptive bicycles will be available to rent this summer, including a recumbant hand-propelled bicycle, an electric-assist adult tricycle, and an electric-assist side-by-side, two-seater tricycle.)
If you are interested in this program that provides FREE MONEY for accessibility upgrades, please contact Angela Pollak about submitting an application to this year's program. I will facilitate the process for ANYONE who asks, no exceptions. I'd like to see our response double to $80,000 in asks for the next RFP round. Other EAF programs may come online again this year as well. Stay tuned for more information.
8. Council Economic Development Committee Meeting
The next council Economic Development meeting will be held in council chambers on March 24, 2020 at 9:00am. The agenda will be available here at this link a week before the meeting.
9. Fleming College Job Fair
We are happy to report that the Fleming College Job Fair was well attended. We passed out almost 200 postcards to interested students and have received about two dozen resumes. If you are looking to hire and want access to the resumes, please contact Gabriela.
10. Next SABA meeting, March 27, 9:00am, at the Madmusher
Watch for the next SABA bulletin during the first week in April



SABA Bullatins 2019

Three wishes and a wand – Community Brainstorming Exercise
Have you ever stopped and said to your self, “It would be so much better if I didn’t have to drive to  Bancroft or Huntsville for ____! Why can’t we have one of those here?”

Well, now’s your chance to ask for what you need and want. SABA is opening the conversation about how to make South Algonquin a better place to live, work and play to the public, and it starts with your answers to this question. Please join us for an online discussion to share your “three wishes” for South Algonquin. Add your ideas to the mix. See something you approve of? Give it a thumbs up. We are looking for a wide range of ideas – not just about business or economic development – it could be related to leisure, work, social services, opportunities for kids…. or whatever your imagination tells you. Click here to participate, and feel free to share the link widely. Wondering why you should play? Well, it only takes a minute, imagining is free, and buckets of fun if you let your imagination run wild. And who knows, maybe together we can turn some of our wishes into a reality. Your feedback will help SABA advocate on your behalf going forward.


RTO 12 Meet & Greet
SABA is hoping to have a stronger presence and participation rate in RTO 12 activities in 2019/2020! Please consider attending one of the upcoming town hall meet and greets with the directors scheduled for March 25, 26, and 27. The closest one is in Bracebridge on March 26. For more information, to RSVP, or to learn about how to nominate yourself for an executive position with RTO 12, visit the RTO12 website. If you want to go and are are looking to share a ride, contact Angela ( or Gabriela (


RTO 12 and other Tourism Associations

SABA is exploring opportunities to participate, collaborate or partner with other neighbouring tourism associations. While we reach out and try to make connections, you may be interested in exploring the links yourself. Here’s what’s on our radar right now. If you know of others, send Angela a note (
Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization (RTO 11)
Click “Subscribe to our Industry Communications” to add yourself to the mailing list
Ottawa Valley Tourism Association
OVTA Membership - $200/year, sign-up at


RTO 12 Board Nominations – due April 12
SABA is encouraging anyone with an interest in tourism development in South Algonquin to nominate themselves for a board position on RTO 12. The selection process aims to have a diverse representation in terms of their coverage area. Since South Algonquin is not currently represented, presenting candidates from South Algonquin will be important to make sure our perspective is heard at the table. To learn about how to nominate yourself for an executive position with RTO 12, visit the RTO12 website. Nominations close on April 12, 2019 so don’t delay!


Training and Learning Centre of Renfrew County
The Training and Learning Centre of Renfrew County reached out to us this month and asked that we help spread the information about the services they provide. They are a non profit organization that provides free skills upgrading to eligible adults, based on their individual needs. They offer reading, writing, math, computer skills and a variety of learning opportunities, and promote lifelong learning for free! All free! 

They are here in person every Wednesday at the Library in Whitney. For more information, contact:
Training & Learning Centre of Renfrew County 
227 Bridge Street, Eganville, ON K0J 1T0
(613) 628-1720


Renfrew County ATV Association – Feedback Survey
The RC ATV Association is asking for feedback on the ATV trail system. The results of surveys like this are used in the grant process to apply for funding, and to show the outcomes of money spent. The survey takes approximately 4 minutes to complete and can be found at this address


Tourism Strategy Planning
SABA has been in contact with the RTO12 Tourism people to determine next steps for how to start taking advantage of some of their programming and support systems for tourism operators. Stay tuned for information in April about an upcoming visit by Kate Monk, Senior Director of Strategy and Communications. We will be looking for volunteers to chat with Kate about tourism in the area, either individually or in a group setting, as soon as the snow disappears.


Teeny Tiny Summits 2019

Mark your calendars for the 2019 round of “Teeny Tiny Summits”, which begin on April 4, 2019.
Sponsored by ROMA (Rural Ontario Municipal Association), the Province of Ontario, and local economic development organizations, Teeny Tiny Summits are a chance for teeny tiny rural communities (populations ~ 1000 or fewer) to gather, celebrate and discuss economic development opportunities and successes in their region.
Featuring a keynote speaker (this year it’s Peter Kenyon) and various sessions relating to rural transportation, broadband access, First Nations relationship building, and support for small business, this year’s event in Calabogie on April 4, 2019 is sure to be enlightening. They’re planning a series of mentoring tables and success stories that will cover topics like community-led infrastructure projects, recreational trails, measuring the impact of events, and innovation.
Opportunities to sample local cuisine and engage with other folks who are interested in local economic development in nearby communities make the $40 cost a very affordable and worthwhile investment.
For more information about all the Teeny Tiny Summit locations this year, see:
For more information about the Calabogie event on April 4, 2019, see:
For more information about the Haliburton event on June 7, see:


Explorer’s Edge – Support for Tourism Operators

For tourism marketing purposes, South Algonquin is part of Regional Tourism Organization 12 (RTO12) (, branded and marketed to tourists under the name “Explorer’s Edge” ( This independent, non-profit organization funded by the Ontario government runs a variety of different marketing programs to support member businesses (more info available at They also undertake data gathering activities on behalf of members to measure the success of the programs they run and determine what effect their activities are having on member businesses.
At our SABA launch in January, James Murphy, Executive Director of Explorer’s Edge, shared some of their success stories with us, including the “Fuel and Fun” program, an international marketing strategy, and a potential future link to the Muskoka airport. SABA is excited about the opportunity to participate in Explorer’s Edge!
Tourism businesses in our township who want to participate in the Explorer’s Edge marketing program should send an email with the following information to Erin Smit (

  • One “square” photo (300x300 pixels). Note that rectangular images, or images that are larger will have to be cropped and you may lose part of your image.
  • Your contact info (name, address, email address, phone number)
  • Your business’s website address
  • Any information to connect with you on Facebook or Twitter
  • Up to 200 words describing your business
  • GPS coordinates if you’re in a hard to find location, or not located on a mapped road (on hard to find side road or on an island for example)

Membership costs a symbolic $1 and gives you the right to participate in their programming, vote in their elections, use their logo, and attend their Tourism Summit which happens in September each year. There are probably other benefits too – like committee work and volunteering if that interests you.
Any questions can be directed to Erin at (705) 646-0490 or to one of the SABA board members.