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FREE OPPORTUNITY: If you have an accommodation business, you can be added to the referral list they hand out to visitors at the East Gate. Contact the East Gate for information, or send me ( the following information and I’ll pass it on.

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    Highway Access, Seasonal, Motel, Resort Hotel, Resort Lodge, Housekeeping Resort, Rooms/Suits, Cottages, Housekeeping Units, Private Bath, A/C, Fireplace, Television, Dining Room, Meal Plan, Liquor License, BBQ, In/Out Pool, Sauna/Hot tub, Beach, Tennis Court, Canoeing, Snowmobiling, Cross-country Skiing, Pets Allowed, Internet.


Thank you to Teresa and Steve Hebb of the Renfrew County ATV (RC ATV) Association…

…for coming to our business meeting through the snow and bad weather on February 20 to share their message of trail ridership. The RC ATV association manages and maintains 1300km of trails in the region through great communication and the dedicated efforts of local Directors and Volunteers. They shared the results of a recent study of the impact of ATV Tourism on Renfrew County, which includes

  • 50% of their members live outside Renfrew County. People who ride here choose membership here so their fees support the trails in this area. People are anxious to see things happen here!
  • There were 38,000 riders in 2016, who spent on average $82 per day each day they ride the trails. That equals an economic benefit to local businesses through trail tourism, food, fuel and accommodation of more than $3,000,000 in spending per year!
  • 1000km of these trails are ‘bush trails’ maintained by local members of their association.

Steve shared that South Algonquin has trails that are highly attractive to riders, and second to none in beauty and experience. These trails are currently maintained by people who live outside our region – sometimes as far away as Pembroke. Because of the obvious costs of traveling this distance to maintain our trails (costs which are mostly carried by the volunteers themselves), they are hoping to build a network of local volunteers who can help keep eyes on the ground locally and possibly provide assistance in maintaining them. They have a list of seasonal volunteers, but would like to extend the invitation to people who live here year round as well. They are hoping to branch out into 4-season trail ridership at some point.
Joining the association is easy and inexpensive, and all meetings are teleconferenced so they don’t involve traveling unless you want to. Businesses who are interested in advertising can buy a corporate membership starting at $350/year. All fees support advocacy, administration, website, GIS/mapping, signage, and maintenance of trails. The RC ATV Association also facilitate annual rides along their routes.
Corporate Membership package
They will work with each individual partner to find ways to partner within their means. For example some provide in-kind service/product in exchange that can be raffled off, or they contribute to trails/events.
Information about the role of Area Directors and volunteers
For more information or to support this worthwhile organization, contact
Renfrew County ATV Club

Additional Media Information about the RC ATV Association:

RCATV video in partnership with Madawaska Valley to promote the trails in that area.
Accompanying story in the Northern Ontario Travel website
Article in Northern Ontario Travel on the Logger’s Loop (South Algonquin)
YouTube videos about the loggers Loop and South Algonquin
Presentation for the Ontario Trails Council which includes information about RCATV and our trails and our partnerships and focus. Also includes the statistics and rider demographics