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South Algonquin Business Alliance

The South Algonquin Business Alliance is dedicated to championing a thriving South Algonquin community where people can work, live and play. 


Our mission is to: 

  • Build the community through investment in ideas, industry and people;

  • Bring community members together to support economic development through an asset-based approach

  • Strengthen relationships and connect with resources;

  • Advocate, communicate, educate and inform the community;


While we focus on tourism right now, we know that every business counts. 


We advance safe, inclusive, diverse and regenerative principles throughout our activities, in the tourism industry and beyond.


Over the last few years, SABA has facilitated more than $1,000,000 worth of accessibility improvements in our community, built pathways to essential partnerships, and undertaken strategic development of tourism messaging. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished in this short time frame.


Our work relies heavily on the gift of time from our dedicated volunteers. We are actively looking for new members! If you’re a small business, an entrepreneur, or a person who is interested in supporting our initiatives, read more about our memberships and opportunities to get involved.


Promote the Township of South Algonquin and local businesses, within the township and to visitors to the township.


Advocate on behalf of local businesses to policy makers, including local council, for the benefit of local economic development.


Strengthen relationships among local businesses, and between local businesses and policy makers inside and outside of the township.


Encourage sharing  new opportunities with local businesses and listen to concerns and challenges of local businesses.

SABA Board Members 2022

Pollak Angela Secretary


Angela Pollak

AlexanderDeb Treasure


Deborah Alexander

Hairabedian Gabriela Chair


Gabriela Hairabedian

Lentz Edward Board Member

Board Member

Edward Lentz

LeSage Evelyne Board Member

Board Member

Evelyne Lesage

Neil Loretta Board Manager

Board Member

Loretta Neil

Dunsford Steve Board Member

Board Member

Steve Dunsford

Dave Bird.jpeg

Board Member

Dave Bird

Baker Barney Board Member

Board Member

Barney Baker

We have vacancies! If you have time and talent to share, contact someone on the list above or come out to one of our meetings and introduce yourself. Business meetings happen once per month from October-May (see our calendar). Additional meetings of a more general interest happen throughout the year, and may include workshops, guest speakers, or networking events as the opportunities arise.


SABA Memberships is brought to you by the South Algonquin Business Alliance, a group of business minded individuals interested in networking, advocacy and the branding of South Algonquin. We’re looking for new members. If you’re a small business, an entrepreneur, or a person who is interested in supporting this initiative or if you know of a business or person who may be interested in taking part contact us below.


The township of South Algonquin is located on the east side of Algonquin Provincial Park's Highway 60 corridor and runs from Whitney, through Madawaska and ends at Spectacle lake. The township also extends south along Highway 127 to MacKenzie Lake.


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