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South Algonquin Arts & Entertainment

What do you get when you mix wildlife, landscape, rural culture and local talent? A thriving arts and entertainment scene of course. South Algonquin has something off the beaten path that’s bound to keep you engaged, from music, photography, and painting, to Saturday night jams, these are the spots to take it in.

  • “One Fine Day” Zine 2023
    May 15, 2023
    A zine is a homemade publication devoted to specialized and unconventional subject matter. Our community zine “One Fine Day” is a quirky, eclectic collection of content paying tribute to everything South Algonquin from the early days to the present, written by and for the people of this community.
  • Blackfly Festival
    Back in 2023!!
    Camp Bongopix
    Back in 2023!!
    Camp Bongopix
    The purpose of the Whitney Blackfly Festival is simple: to celebrate quality live music during a special time of year. The spirit of our gathering is to harness positive energy during a time when many are tempted to feel negative about nature because of the dreaded blackfly swarms.
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