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Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting South Algonquin in the “Off-Season”

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Come explore Ontario’s hinterland region!

South Algonquin is a largely undiscovered area, a gem hidden within the authentic wilderness that surrounds our quaint and beautiful township. Surrounded by thousands of kilometers of Crown Land to explore, South Algonquin is a truly incredible place to visit at any time of the year.

Peak Season in South Algonquin

There are so many great reasons to travel during peak-season (through the summer, spring and early fall). Various beach access points, kayaking and canoeing (see our canoe routes here), picnics in the grass, and longer days - not to mention some of the exciting summer events we plan to host in the coming years as South Algonquin Business Association grows. Check back to our site or follow us on social media to keep up to date.

Less known are the many advantages of travelling to South Algonquin during the “off-season” months. You get your pick of dates for accommodation, lower prices to stay, and fewer people so that you feel like you get South Algonquin mostly to yourself!

If saving money and avoiding crowds aren’t enough of an incentive to book a trip in the chillier months, consider the added bonus of these winter activities to warm you up to the idea…

Man and women snow shoe together on a sunny day

Off-Season Adventures in South Algonquin

Snowshoeing and Skiing

Feel the crunch of show beneath your snowshoes as you walk the many trails through South Algonquin. Don’t have your own pair? No problem - you can rent them from Bongopix Winter Outfitters. If you want to glide instead of crunch, you can rent skis instead from the same place! One of Bongopix’s favourite trails for skiing or snowshoeing is the Whitney Trestle Bridge, featuring gorgeous views of Galeairy Lake!

Winter Biking

If you love biking, then don’t let the snowy trails stop you! If you’ve never heard of “fat biking” before, this is your chance to explore a new hobby! ! Fatbikes are bicycles with beefy tires that help them to travel through and over snow in a way that regular bikes can’t. If you’re a beginner, fat biking at Algonquin Park might be worth checking out - if you have your own equipment, then take to the South Algonquin trails!


The Snow Country Snowmobile Association keeps their trails groomed for your use during your visit! Keep an eye on the OFSC District 6 Facebook page to watch for posts about closures and other useful information before you hit the trails!


Stargazers, you’ve got nothing to worry about - there are great views in our skies all year round! South Algonquin has minimal light pollution, so apart from natural cloudy skies, nothing will impact your view of the stars or Northern Lights. Cold air doesn’t hold moisture the way warm air does, so your views of the stars will be extra crisp and clear! Some of our favourite spots for stargazing are: Upper Madawaska Provincial Park and the historic Madawaska Trestle Bridge.

Ice Fishing

Pack your hot cocoa, some thick mitts and a pair or two of long underwear and haul your auger onto our frosted lakes for some ice fishing. Need some gear? Visit Opeongo Outfitters to rent or stock up on what you need. They also have a fish and chips stand called Avery’s Chip Truck if you get hungry!

Winter Festivals

Plan your visit around Family Day weekend during the annual winter festivities in South Algonquin, and the Winter in the Wild event at Algonquin Park held on the same weekend! Every year is a little different, but a fishing derby, skating, a community fish fry, and tobogganing races are often involved in the weekend’s events.

Provincial Park Events and Activities

In addition to all you can expect in South Algonquin, you can also plan to stop by Algonquin Provincial Park during your stay! The park plays host to various year-round events and activities - including art exhibits, the bookstore and nature shop at their Visitor Centre - and a skating rink! They have nets, sticks and pucks available to rent at the rink if you don’t own your own (or if you forgot them at home). Read more about the winter activities in Algonquin Park if you plan to visit during your stay in South Algonquin.

Ready to plan your stay? Check out some of our accommodations on our website or read our other blogs to find out more about what you can do in South Algonquin.

Happy travels, and we can’t wait to see you in South Algonquin!

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Woman with winter hat and backpack walks through a forest on a path with some dusted snow

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