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A New Tourism and Brand Destination Identity: South Algonquin Launches New Website

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

A New Look for Promoting Ontario’s Undiscovered Country: The South Algonquin Business Alliance have launched a new brand identity and website to better South Algonquin on the map, attracting tourism and supporting rural economic development.

G’day! We have some big news. We are proud to announce the release of our renewed South Algonquin Business Alliance (SABA) website located at and our entirely redesigned brand identity.

The new website has been carefully crafted to be 100% AODA compliant - offering a truly accessible experience to all visitors. The new site is faster than ever, easier to navigate, more user friendly and delivers even more helpful, inspiring information to explorers and business owners.

We recognize that meeting the needs of people with disabilities is not just good business, but also the right thing to do. SABA is pleased to be able to lead the way with this investment in our new online presence, including our AODA compliant website and the new MySouthAlgonquin app with features like text-to-speech compatibility. We are hopeful this investment will make it easier than ever for people of all ages and abilities to choose South Algonquin as a destination.

A straight road goes into the horizon with fall trees lining the road

The website redevelopment, funded by the Enabling Accessibility program, is one of seven grants allocated to local businesses over the last four years to offset the cost of physical and digital infrastructure improvements in the community. Designed to improve the ability of people with disabilities to participate in recreation and the workforce, local businesses have committed to improving indoor, outdoor and digital spaces for employees and visitors with physical, cognitive, and neurodivergent needs.

The total local investment in accessibility upgrades has exceeded $700,000 thus far. In October 2021, Ontario Minister of Seniors and Accessibility visited the community to meet these changemakers, to see these improvements and to recognize this outstanding achievement in rural Ontario.

A New Presence in Ontario Tourism

Place branding plays a powerful role in shaping a community, increasing its economic opportunities, supporting residents and helping new visitors explore primarily untouched regions that offer natural, authentic experiences that truly cannot be found elsewhere.

Travelers today are more sophisticated, socially aware and care deeply about the role a transformative vacation experience can play in their lives. Whether it’s supporting the local economy, sustainable travel, authentically experiencing local culture or witnessing a rare natural phenomenon - we are focused on offering the values-based travel experiences that today’s tourists are looking for.

South Algonquin is truly Ontario’s hinterland - the region just beyond. We’re just beyond the big cities of Ottawa and Toronto, just beyond the crush of day jobs and routines, and just beyond the busyness and crowds of Muskoka. Imagine a place where there are seldom any lineups, rarely any traffic to contend with, and where open spaces and quiet places reign supreme. This culture of quiet is carefully curated by the locals, who pride themselves on being one of the best kept secret vacation spots in the province. Not only is this really appealing to travelers looking for authenticity in travel experiences, it’s well beyond what most popular destinations can offer.

"We know that post-pandemic travel and tourism is going to look different, but there is one thing that is certain - travelers will continue to search for experiences in nature that are awe-inspiring, culturally-based, good for their health and wellbeing and safe," said Gabriela Hairabedian, chair of the South Algonquin Business Alliance. "Whether it’s the staycation of an Ontarian looking to wander further than their own backyard, or being able to welcome international tourists to some of the best and most authentic Canadian wilderness experiences, South Algonquin has so much to offer for a truly unforgettable vacation."

Along with a new website design, we have launched a new brand identity to better feature the region’s highlights and warmly reflect the hospitality and social capital of the township. The brand and website were carefully designed over months to connect with potential travelers - fueling a desire to experience the region and offering everything they need for a stress free, remarkable stay.

A Resource For Travelers and Explorers

We have strategically designed the new site to be used as a rich, up-to-date resource for travelers and explorers. Our goal is to ignite the imagination of potential visitors - to motivate them to see our region in a new light and to offer compelling experiences that deliver a vacation to remember.

  • Stargaze at secret dark-sky friendly spots that deliver auras, meteor showers and unforgettable night-sky "light shows"

  • Experience a hiker’s paradise and landscape lookouts that will take your breath away and offer unforgettable views

  • Enjoy a tranquil lake escape along serene waterways, bubbling rapids and peaceful beaches

  • Indulge in the region’s campfire cooking culture or gourmet cuisine with earth to table offerings

  • Rest your head in luxury accommodations or in Ontario’s most unusual places to stay - including Bubble Tents under the Milkyway

We will continue to update the site on a regular basis with news of events, top tourist attractions, tips for nature and wildlife experiences year round and seasonal promotions.

All that is remaining is for travelers and adventures in Ontario and beyond to update their bucket lists to include South Algonquin - and everything we have to offer.

A landscape view of a forest and lake, Algonquin Park

About South Algonquin

Located at the southernmost border of the Nipissing District and snuggled between the Muskoka area and Renfrew County, you’ll find South Algonquin on the map between Algonquin Provincial Park’s East Gate and Barry’s Bay. We are Ontario’s ‘near north’ region.

Settled in the 1890s, the Township of South Algonquin was originally home to several sawmills owned by Canadian lumber baron J.R. Booth. Now with a population of about 1000 people living across five wards, the township covers more than 800 square kilometers of land. Bordered by Algonquin Park in the west and north, you’ll find flowing rivers, tranquil lakes, and serene untouched wilderness sprawling east along highway 60, the major highway connecting the towns of Whitney and Madawaska.

Whether you are a budding explorer, a seasoned adventurer, a family looking for the right spot to introduce your young forest-lovers to true nature, or a peaceful soul looking for the perfect place to rest, this humble, undiscovered gem is where you need to be. You will not leave disappointed.

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