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Welcome to
South Algonquin

a place just beyond...

Nature’s Call

Wolves howling. Leaves rustling. Water splashing. Heed the call of nature and escape to South Algonquin - your authentic, incomparable, all-season wilderness destination just a few hours north of Toronto.

The Perfect Getaway

Whether you’re looking to stay, eat, see or do something spectacular, our warm and charming hosts are ready to say g’day and introduce you to the wonders of South Algonquin.

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Undiscovered Places

From cotton-candy sunsets at our beaches, to white water bubbling down rivers, massive ice walls on granite outcrops, and tree-lined emerald horizons across shimmering lakes, South Algonquin’s secret places will tug at your heart long after you leave.

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Tourism for Good

From here or away, old or young, Canadian or international, our business ambassadors believe everyone can help communities thrive. We support safe, inclusive, regenerative tourism relationships throughout our township.

Build Traditions & Lasting Memories

When was the last time you stepped away from the glow of your phone? Or, tried a little “off-the-grid” living? In South Algonquin, our rhythm of life is different. Guided more by the changing seasons, the rise and fall of the sun and moon, and the unexpected, awe-inspiring presence of natural wonders, we treasure what each unique day has to offer and care deeply about the place we call home. Come experience a different way of living in Ontario’s hinterland.


Our promise to you? We’re off the beaten path, but not beyond your reach.

Enjoy Life on the Water

From canoeing, to swimming at sunset or fishing from land, boat or ice, find out why South Algonquin is the perfect place to enjoy life by the water.

A yellow canoe with two people on a lake with a forest in the background

From Unexpected Moments to Endless Possibilities

Experience a world beyond what you already know